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Book Themed Activities for “Little Bee’s Day in the Garden”

It a well known truth that kids learned through play. They also learn to love books when books are a normal part of their day. From morning baskets to bedtime stories, books are part of learning. I just love it when I can take it a step farther and include hands on activities to go with a story. This is perfect for those times when a child just can’t be still, or its rainy outside and you want to corral your kids into quieter inside activity.

The Book

The Little Donkey just needs a friend. Don’t we all? We meet the little donkey in a field, his wild behavior is about to get him sent from the only home he has ever had. He is saved by the patience of a little girl who sees past his wild actions and sees the lonely heart inside. In many ways this is an ode to those who act out in ways that seem rude or wild. Instead of more or harsher discipline what they really need is patience and a friend. You can read more about it here, or purchase it in my store, or at most bookstores online. Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, along with many other online stores.

The Teacher’s Activity Guide

Do your kids like worksheets, or hands on activities? Mine do! This Teacher’s Activity Guide includes fun things like two color themselves mini-books, cutting practice, writing pages and more!

Available as a physical book or a download in my store

Owning the book, is not 100% necessary, however, it was created to pair together.

Coloring pages and Bookmarks

If all your looking for is coloring pages, I get you, sometimes that is all I am looking for. All of my coloring pages are organized together in my Free Resource Library. To gain access just sign up for my newsletter.

Want the Free Printable Bookmarks? Those are in my Free Resource Library as well.

More Activities to come!

Bee Activities can be a great way to add to a fun Bee themed Unit Study, to help keep little hands busy and so much more.

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